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Del 10 de Julio de 2017 al 11 de Julio de 2017

The HOW Journal included in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (Thomson) & Redalyc. ...

HOW Journal - VOL 24 - No. 1 - January/June 2017

Del 15 de Mayo de 2017 al 16 de Mayo de 2017

Contents   Editorial ............................................................. 6  Research Reports   English Language Teacher Educator Interactional Styles:   Heterogeneity and Homogeneity in the ELTE Classroom  Estilos interaccionales de los docentes educadores de inglés: heterogeneidad   y homogeneidad en la interacción del salón de clases      Edgar Lucero and Jeesica Scalante-Morales ................

Our affiliate Magda Rodríguez coauthored a book

Del 31 de Marzo de 2017 al 01 de Abril de 2017

Eventos narrativos, comunidades y arquitecturas de práctica docente Our ASOCOPI affiliates Magda Rodríguez-Uribe, Pedro Chala-Bejarano and Harold Castañeda-Peña coauthored the book  Eventos narrativos, comunidades y arquitecturas de práctica docente. This is a research book explores linguistic, cognitive, emotional and socio-cultural aspects of English & French pre-service teachers during their teaching practicum. ...

English Language Teaching in South America: Policy, Preparation and Practices

Del 31 de Marzo de 2017 al 01 de Abril de 2017

"Seeking Information to Promote Effective Curriculum Renewal in a Colombian School" is the title of the chapter written by Mónica Rodríguez-Bounces, an ASOCOPI affiliate, for the edited book English Language Teaching in South America Policy, Preparation and Practices published by Multilingual Matters.This book investigates new English language policies and initiatives which have been introduced and implemented across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Urugu...

Be ready for our 53rd ASOCOPI Congress

Del 31 de Marzo de 2017 al 01 de Abril de 2017

Our 53rd Congress is coming soon... “Exploring social and cultural diversities in ELT”is this year's congress theme!Deadline for paper submissions: May 15, 2018  Acceptance notification: July 30, 2018  Submit your paper or colloquia proposal! You've got to be there! ...