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HOW Journal - VOL 24 - No. 1 - January/June 2017

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Research Reports   

More Than Half a Century Teaching EFL in Colombian secondary schools: Tracing Back Our Footprints to Understand the Present 

Jesús Alirio Bastidas 

A Narrative Inquiry Into Pre-Service English Teachers’ Temporal Investments in Their Initial Education Curriculum 

María Cristina Sarasa 

Using a Systemic Functional Genre-Based Approach to Promote a Situated View of Academic Writing Among EFL Pre-service Teachers 

Doris Correa, Sandra Echeverri 

Learners’ Perceptions and Undergraduate Foreign Language Courses at a Colombian Public University 

Ana Clara Sánchez Solarte, Gabriel Vicente Obando Guerrero, Diana Ibarra Santacruz 

The Socialization of a Novice Teacher of English: Becoming an Agent of Change 

Claudia Patricia Mesa Villa 


Reports on Pedagogical Experiences 


Extensive Listening in a Colombian University: Process, Product, and Perceptions 

Carlos A. Mayora 

Analyzing Student Perceptions on Translanguaging: A Case Study of a Puerto Rican University Classroom 

Adrian J. Rivera, Catherine M. Mazak 


Reflections and Revision of Themes 


Review and Analysis of the Colombian Foreign Language Bilingualism Policies and Plans 

Mary Mily Gómez Sará 

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