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British coulcil loves ASOCOPI because ASOCOPI represents ELT in Colombia valuing teachers’ work as this strengthens the ELT classroom.

Cambridge Language Assessment loves ASOCOPI ASOCOPI is a vibrant professional community that brings together Colombian English teachers for a common goal: better English education for everyone, everywhere in the country.

Cambridge University Press loves ASOCOPI because of ASOCOPI’s efforts to bring English language teachers together as an evolving community of 21st Century educators.

Centro Colombo Americano Bogotá loves ASOCOPI because of ASOCOPI’s experience, tradition, inclusion, resourcefulness, communities of practice, research orientation, and opportunities to connect teachers in local and global contexts.

Centro Colombo Americano Calí loves ASOCOPI because ASOCOPI provides professional development opportunities to ELT teachers in every context in Colombia, uniting them in the goal of providing professional, quality English language instruction to all students.

DIE loves ASOCOPI because we all can work together for a better English language education.

Educar loves ASOCOPI because we can work in depth with ELT teachers in Colombia.

ElS loves ASOCOPI because ASOCOPI is an association that empowers teachers by means of training, constant support and ongoing update on the latest trends and materials.

TOEFL iBT loves ASOCOPI because together we can be anything and study anywhere.

National Geographic loves ASOCOPI because ASOCOPI supports our mission to help learners and teachers to achieve personal success, be better citizens of the 21st Century and to bring their classroom to life.

Pearson loves ASOCOPI because ASOCOPI gathers Colombian English teachers around a space of knowledge to provide new perspectives about the ELT profession, taking the students to a higher level not only locally but globally.

Javeriana loves ASOCOPI because of ASOCOPI’s social responsibility and this is the year of the Social Responsibility at the University that also matches ASOCOPI’s Congress theme.

The Profile journal loves ASOCOPI because of the Association's commitment to the dissemination of knowledge and innovation in the field of English language teaching through its flagship academic publication, the HOW journal.

University of Dayton Publishing loves ASOCOPI because EFL teachers want more than a recipe or a set of instructions for teaching, they want to create meaningful and interesting learning environments to foster a better understanding of English.

PSmart loves ASOCOPI because we believe we can help others achieve their dreams by teaching #beSmart

Universidad de Antioquia loves ASOCOPI because our shared commitment to teachers’ professional development as well as our support to academic research in our field.

The School of Language Sciences of Universidad del Valle loves ASOCOPI because its contribution to English language education in Colombia.

The School of Language Sciences of Universidad del Valle loves ASOCOPI because its contribution to English language education in Colombia.