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Congress Theme


Exploring social and cultural diversities in ELT

53rd ASOCOPI Annual Congress: “Exploring social and cultural diversities in ELT” 


ASOCOPI has been involved in practices that aim at improving the teaching of English in Colombia for more than fifty years. Through its history, ASOCOPI has been at the forefront of innovations, new trends, and best practices.  


Being aware that teaching a language goes beyond teaching structures, tenses, nouns, adjectives, the four skills, and competences, our commitment for this year's congress is to encourage English teachers to actively participate acknowledging social and cultural diversity. We are absolutely sure that English teachers in Colombia engage in practices inside and outside the classroom that aim at having a better world for everyone.  


The spirit of this year´s congress is to bring together all those experiences in which teachers use the English class and the English language as a vehicle to explore issues of acknowledgment of social and cultural diversity and how this is lived and understood in different contexts and regions in the country. As such we will be happy to receive contributions that adopt different pedagogical and research approaches to systematize all those practices carried out by English teachers. 


Presentations can be in one of these strands: 




-Social justice 



-Rural/Urban education 

-Indigenous groups and ELT 

-Critical education and postcolonialism  

-Language policies  





-Gender studies  



-Pedagogical innovations  

-Teachers’ Development 

-Distance education 


Submitting Your Proposal 

Proposals must be submitted online by May 31st. Proposals will not be accepted after the deadline.  


The title should 

• accurately reflect the presentation content 

• not have a colon or quotation marks 

• capitalize all major words and all words of four letters. 


Conference participants include language educators, program administrators and teacher educators. About 600 teachers are expected. 


You will be informed if your proposal has been accepted within four weeks after the deadline for applications. If you do not hear from us by July 15, please contact us immediately, especially if you need confirmation to process your travel arrangements. 


In the conference program, each abstract will be labeled with the following descriptions so participants will know what they are signing up for in the Concurrent Sessions. Please indicate the type of your presentation in the space provided. • 


In a workshop, the presenter works with the group, helping them to develop a specific teaching technique or a hands-on activity. The emphasis is on the participants’ activity which is carefully structured by the presenter. 


A lecture discusses and describes something the presenter is doing or has done in relation to either theory or practice. Participation from the audience is usually limited to questions and discussion during or at the end of the lecture.  


Rather than describing or discussing, a demonstration shows a technique for teaching. The presenter’s statement of the theory underlying the technique is usually brief. The rest of the time is used for showing, rather than telling.  


A report which discusses ongoing research; includes presentation of the problem, methodology, implications of research, and so on. The presentation is followed by a discussion with the audience. 


The presentation of the rationale and principles of an educational product and its promotion to a target audience. . 


This should be submitted by a Colloquium Chair and the partipating presenters. Each participant should submitt an abstract for her/his presentation. 


Only two presenters are allowed per presentation. The presenter listed first is responsible for notifying the co-presenter of the status of the proposal and any other notifications received. 

Do not change the conceptual content of your session once it has been accepted. 


Presentations in the concurrent sessions will last 45 minutes and will be scheduled for the three days of the convention. If you are planning to arrive late or leave early, please specify when. 


Note that presenters are requested to bring their own photocopies. Please leave two copies of your handouts in the Coordination Room for participant services.