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David Block

ICREA - Universitat de Lleida

I am ICREA Research Professor in Sociolinguistics in the Departament d'Anglès i Lingüística, Universitat de Lleida. There I am a member of the Cercle de Lingüística Aplicada. I am Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences (UK); Visiting Professor at University College London, Institute of Education; and editor of the Routledge book series "Political Economy and Applied Linguistics". I joined ICREA in September 2012 after 16 years at the University College London Institute of Education, where I was Professor of Languages in Education. Prior to that, I worked in Barcelona for 18 years as an English teacher in centres such as ESADE, and as a Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at the Universitat de Barcelona and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. I completed my PhD in Applied Linguistics at the University Lancaster (UK) in 1995. 

ASOCOPI treasurer Jair Ayala

Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth

University of New York - Steinhardts.

I am director of the Doctoral and Post-MA Programs in Multilingual, Multicultural Studies: TESOL and Bilingual Education. I am an English-dominant speaker from a Yiddish-speaking home in Brooklyn, NY, my language background also includes Spanish, French, and Hebrew. I have worked with second-language learners from K-adult in the Metropolitan area, have mentored second-language teachers and researchers, and have held various leadership positions on a local and national level. I am currently research editor of the journal "Writing and Pedagogy", and co-chair of The National Association for Bilingual Education Research SIG. My research interests center on cross-cultural communication, with language as a mediator of individual and group perceptions and values. I am also interested in supporting L2 acquisition through the affordances of technology and have contributed to the development of Actionthroughwords, an online English course about the United Nations.

Shirley Steinberg

Shirley Steinberg

University of Calgary

I am a Research Professor of Critical Youth Studies at the University of Calgary. I am the author and editor of many books in critical pedagogy, urban and youth culture, and cultural studies. Originally a social/improvisational theatre creator, I have facilitated happenings and flashmobs globally. I am a regular contributor to CBC Radio One, CTV, The Toronto Globe and Mail, The Montreal Gazette, and Canadian Press. I am also the founding editor of "Taboo: The Journal of Culture and Education", "The International Journal of Youth Studies", and the Managing Editor of "The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy". I am co-founder of The Paulo and Nita Freire International Project for Critical Pedagogy, and I am the co-organizer of International Institute of Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Leadership. I am committed to a global community of transformative educators and community workers engaged in radical love, social justice, and the situating of power within social and cultural contexts, specifically involving youth. 

Manka Varghese

Manka Varghese

University of Washington

My journey as an educational researcher addressing the needs of linguistic minorities began early in my career. I started by teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) and English as a second language (ESL) to a range of Linguistic Minority (LM) students of different ages, languages, nationalities, and heritages in Italy, the U.K, and the United States. During this time, I became aware of two key interconnected educational problems influencing my students’ social and academic achievement as well as their access to the larger society. The first was the lack of adequate preparation of and support for LM teachers (teachers of LM students) and the second was the obstacles that severely limit LM students’ access to academically rich pedagogy and programs. Although my primary line of research has been with LM teacher education and classroom teachers, addressing these two broad but significant issues has served as the impetus for my subsequent empirical work.