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Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth


Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth

I am director of the Doctoral and Post-MA Programs in Multilingual, Multicultural Studies: TESOL and Bilingual Education. I am an English-dominant speaker from a Yiddish-speaking home in Brooklyn, NY, my language background also includes Spanish, French, and Hebrew. I have worked with second-language learners from K-adult in the Metropolitan area, have mentored second-language teachers and researchers, and have held various leadership positions on a local and national level. I am currently research editor of the journal "Writing and Pedagogy", and co-chair of The National Association for Bilingual Education Research SIG. My research interests center on cross-cultural communication, with language as a mediator of individual and group perceptions and values. I am also interested in supporting L2 acquisition through the affordances of technology and have contributed to the development of Actionthroughwords, an online English course about the United Nations.

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