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Manka Varghese

University of Washington

Manka Varghese

My journey as an educational researcher addressing the needs of linguistic minorities began early in my career. I started by teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) and English as a second language (ESL) to a range of Linguistic Minority (LM) students of different ages, languages, nationalities, and heritages in Italy, the U.K, and the United States. During this time, I became aware of two key interconnected educational problems influencing my students’ social and academic achievement as well as their access to the larger society. The first was the lack of adequate preparation of and support for LM teachers (teachers of LM students) and the second was the obstacles that severely limit LM students’ access to academically rich pedagogy and programs. Although my primary line of research has been with LM teacher education and classroom teachers, addressing these two broad but significant issues has served as the impetus for my subsequent empirical work..

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