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Deborah Short

President, TESOL International Association


Deborah J. Short, Ph.D., founded and directs Academic Language Research & Training, and provides professional development on academic literacy, content-based English, and sheltered content instruction worldwide. She has directed many research projects and program evaluations related to English learner education and co-developed the SIOP Model for sheltered instruction. Publications include The 6 Principles books for TESOL, SIOP Model books for Pearson, ESL textbooks like Reach Higher for National Geographic Learning, and professional journal articles. She has taught ESL and EFL, in New York, California, Virginia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is TESOL International’s President for 2020-21.  


Dario Luis Banegas

University of Strathclyde


My name is Darío Luis Banegas and I am a Lecturer in TESOL with the  School of Education, University of Strathclyde. My teaching experience with  young learners and (future) teachers comes from Argentina. In Argentina, I worked as a primary and secondary  English-as-a-foreign-language teacher, teachereducator in BA and MA  programmes, and as a curriculum developer with the Ministerio de Educación del Chubut.

My main areas of expertise and interest include: CLIL, teaching young learners, initial English language teacher education, and professional development through action research.   


Grazzia María Mendoza

  Board Member for TESOL International Association (Honduras)


Grazzia María Mendoza    has two master’s degrees, one in International Education and one in  TESOL. She is a US State Department Alumna recognized for project development  for teachers’ professional growth projects. She has been in the TESOL field for  27 years. Her research interests include CALL, Competency Based Language  Teaching and Methodological Improvements for Professional Development. She is  the founder of HELTA TESOL in Honduras, Representative of Honduras in the Latin  America Regional TESOL Group and Board Member for TESOL International  Association. At present she is an education specialist for the US Government at  USAID Honduras


Ulrich Schrader


 Board Member for  Central American and Caribbean Basin (CA&CB) TESOL regional


Ulrich Schrader. Master’s Degree in  German Literature, University of Colorado-Boulder, USA. Master’s Degree in  TESOL, University of the Americas, Mexico City, Mexico. He obtained most of his  teaching experience at the Colegio de Postgraduados in the State of Mexico and  at private language institutes and the two Binational (US/Mexico) Centers in  Mexico City. An active member of the Mexican Association of English Teachers  (MEXTESOL), 1976-2018, and TESOL International Association, 1987-2020.  (Co-)Editor of the MEXTESOL Journal, 2003 2010. Currently he is an independent  educational consultant in English teaching and participates in the Central  American and Caribbean Basin (CA&CB) TESOL regional affiliates group.  

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