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All Objectives

• Identify and promote team work amongst English Language Teachers in Colombia. 

• Strengthen the sense of belonging among the members of the profession. 

• Promote the exchange of ideas, information resources, and experiences both nationally and internationally. 

• Promote and provide high quality teacher training and development opportunities for TEFL programs and In-set teachers. 

• Be a leader in the promotion of growth opportunities for its members. 

• Promote scholarship and research assistantships in the ELT field. 

• Become a natural forum for innovations in methods, approaches, techniques, and materials. 

• Represent the membership before governmental and non-governmental entities at a local, national, and international levels. 

• Offer consultancy in matters related to new developments in Education, ESP, EAP, Applied Linguistics, Materials Design, Curriculum Design, Research, etc. 

• Stimulate cooperation among English teachers and students. 

• Organize activities whose aim is to support English teachers in both pedagogic and linguistic competences. 

• Promote social service among members of the Associations in causes covered in our mission and objectives. 

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