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English Teachers' Assessment Literacy (ETAL)

English  Teachers' Assessment Literacy (ETAL)

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Coordinator: Frank Giraldo    

Affiliation: Universidad de Caldas - Departamento de Lenguas Extranjeras    

Contact : frank.giraldo@ucaldas.edu.co    

Theme:  The English Teachers'  Assessment Literacy (ETAL) special interest group will discuss issues relating  to English language teachers' knowledge, skills, and principles for language  assessment in the Colombian context.  


General objective:

Foster the language assessment literacy (LAL) of English language teachers in Colombia. 

Specific objectives:

Analyze available resources for teachers' LAL (textbooks, articles, webpages, etc.)

Create databases with materials for teachers' LAL. 

Discuss practical, social, and theoretical issues addressing teachers' LAL and language assessment in the local and international contexts.  

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