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Recomendations for Presenters


At ASOCOPI we are committed to bring out affiliates an excellent conference each year. That is why we have put together some guidelines for our valued presenters. 


1. Be aware of copyrighted materials and do not use them. 

2. Make your presentation accessible to your audience, use big fonts, high contrast, and few printed text. 

3. Get your Power Point presentation proof read. Check possible typos. 

4. Make sure you include your name, affiliation and email. 

5. Do lots of rehearsal. Nothing gives more confidence than practicing over and over. 

6. Use transition devices to move from one slide to the other or from one topic to the other. 

7. If possible bring handouts 

8. Keep it short: Do not use lots of slides. For a 45 minute talk 15 slides will sufficient. Remember to have a title slide, a conclusion slide, and a reference slide. 

9. ASOCOPI attendees are very kind and respectful, show the same consideration to them when answering questions. 



We would appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the quality of presentations by also observing the following points: 

1. Please write the title, abstract and description of your presentation relating it with the conference theme. 

2. The title of the presentation 

•  should clearly reflect its content. 

• not have a colon or quotation marks 

• capitalize all major words and all words of four letters. 

3. Abstracts

They should express explicitly what will be done during the presentation. It usually provides a brief theoretical support for the subject followed by a summary of the content and/or activities of the presentation. The description allows a more developed explanation of the aspects included in the abstract. 

4.  Handouts

Participants usually ask for handouts. These handouts should be written clearly, outlining the main ideas. Please have them proofread. All handouts should be provided by the institution they are representing. 

5. During the presentation, minimize reading as much as possible. If it is a workshop, participants prefer to be actively involved. 

6. Less experienced presenters should also consider effective public speaking skills which depend on the organization of ideas, clarity in presentation, audio-visual aids, active pacing, and body language. 

7. Bear in mind that presentations in the concurrent sessions will last 45 minutes. 

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