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Interculturality and English Language Teaching

Interculturality and English Language Teaching

Coordinator : Carlo Granados  

Contact asocopisiginterculturalityelt@gmail.com

Affiliation : Institución Universitaria Colombo Americana (ÚNICA)

Research group: Innovations in Bilingual Education (Innobed) 


INNOBED (Innovations in Bilingual Education) is the research group of the BA in Bilingual Education at ÚNICA. Research projects developed by the group are inscribed in the field of pedagogical knowledge, which allows for reflection upon planning, organization and development of curricular processes in different educational levels and spheres. Our intention is to construct, expand or re-signify pedagogical knowledge in relation to teaching practices and interactions emerging the processes of knowledge construction and appropriation. 

GrupLac: http://scienti.colciencias.gov.co:8080/gruplac/jsp/visualiza/visualizagr.jsp?nro=00000000008979  


Purpose of the SIG and domains of Inquiry  


This Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to build a community of language teachers, students and researchers interested in exploring the different intersections there might be between Interculturality and English Language Teaching. The topics and domains of inquiry the group will approach range from different views on interculturality, decolonial and postcolonial theory, diversities (race, gender, sexual orientations, abilities) as well as issues popular culture and media literacy, cultural representations in teaching materials, human rights and citizenship. Another line of exploration includes research methodologies used for the field of cultural studies and their possible applications to the field of ELT.

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