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Astrid Nuñez Pardo

Universidad Externado de Colombia-Bogotá

Astrid Núñez-Pardo is a full-time professor for the Master’s Programme in Education and an associated researcher of the research line on Materials Development and Didactics, acknowledged by COLCIENCIAS. She holds an PhD in Education from UPTC de Colombia, an M.A. in Education, a Specialisation in International Economics, a B.A. in Hotel and Tourism Business Management from Universidad Externado de Colombia, a Diploma in Linguistic Studies from University of Essex, Colchester, England, and on Child Rights Classroom and School Management from Lund University, Sweden.



Edwin Alejandro Henao Mejía

I.E. Tomás Eastman

Santa Bárbara, Antioquia

Edwin  Alejandro  Henao  Mejía is  a  Ph.D Candidate in education from Universidad Arturo  Prat,  Chile;  He  is  an  M.A.  in Education  and  an  M.A.  in Learning  and  Teaching Processes in Second languages; professor Henao has been working as a public school teacher for about twenty years. His academic interests are language and education policies, decolonial education and interculturality.


           Diana M. Diaz

             IERD Miñá y Ticha

Diana Díaz Benavides is an English teacher at IERD Miñá y Tichá in Cundinamarca. She holds a B.Ed. in Foreign Languages  (English – French) from  and a MA in Languages Teaching from Universiad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia.Her research interests are teachers´ identity  and rural education.

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