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Special call for school teachers


In response to the demands of our academic community,  Asocopi academic committee has decided to extend the deadline for proposal submissions up to April 10th. Don't miss this opportunity.


This year the general topic of ASOCOPI’S Conference is From The Global South: Our Roots, Perspectives and Transformations. One of the main objectives of the conference is to connect more with English language teachers from public and private schools. We are inviting teachers from all grade levels to share their innovation projects or pedagogical experiences.   

We have three different modalities in which teachers can send their presentation proposals: Plenary speech (2023), concurrent sessions and colloquium.

1. Read all the instructions and guidelines.

2. Select the submission: Plenary speech, concurrent sessions and

3. Complete and submit the Proposal Form. 

4. After May 20th ,2023  check the Proposal Status here.

5. If your proposal is accepted complete the process by
paying the presenter’s registration fee $ 380.000 by June
15th 2023.

6. Register in the seccion Annual Conference /Register and fees.


Conference Theme

  Recommendation for Presenters

Check your Proposal Status


 Every year ASOCOPI invites international and national academics to give a talk in front of all the attendees of the conference. This year, however, we want to invite two teachers from elementary or high schools to be plenary speakers. We will choose one teacher from a public school and one from a private school. These are instructions on the criteria and steps to send  your presentation proposal:        

1. The proposal must report on an innovation project carried out at the community, institutional, or classroom level.         

2. The proposal must have originated in the English area with the intention of improving or promoting teacher development, innovative teaching practices or community involvement.                

4.  ASOCOPI will provide support and accompany the preparation of the 50-minute plenary address that the selected teachers will deliver.          

5.  If you are interested in applying to be a plenary speaker this year, fill out the application form.   


Concurrent session (35-45 minutes)    

A presenter can present a report of research conducted in his school, present a pedagogical experience or innovation or conduct a workshop. Here is a description of these types of presentations:           

  • Research report (35 minutes):         

Sessions in which presenters report on partial or final results of research studies. Each presentation lasts 35 minutes, leave some minutes for questions and discussion.           

  • Pedagogical experience (45 minutes):         

Sessions in which presenters share pedagogical applications of theories or language teaching approaches. Each presentation lasts 35 minutes, followed by 10 minutes for questions and discussion           

  •   Demonstration  (45 minutes):         

Sessions in which presenters demonstrate and provide practical elements  for language teaching and evaluation. Although the presentation of a solid  theoretical background is expected, most of the session should be devoted  to show practical applications of pedagogical strategies. Each  presentation  lasts 35 minutes, followed by 10 minutes for questions and  discussion.  


Colloquium (60 minutes)

In case you don’t want to give a 45-minute presentation, you can work with three or four teachers from your own school or other schools to give short presentations of 15 to 20 minutes about classroom or school innovations. A colloquium requires a moderator who will be responsible for recruiting the other panelists and submitting the colloquium to us. The moderator will also be in charge of managing the time and interaction on the day of the presentation.   




Políticas para  tener en cuenta

Límite de Participación

Los(as) ponentes están limitados a un máximo de dos ponencias por Congreso, una solo y otra en conjunto con otro(s) profesor(es).

Las ponencias aceptadas pueden tomar la forma de:

●     Ponencia individual

●     Ponenciacon otro presentador

●     Ponencia con otros dos presentadores

●     Coloquio

Moderador(a) (en un panel, o coloquio) no cuenta como presentación

Política de asesor
profesor para ponentes estudiantes

Los ponentes que sean aun estudiantes de pregrado deberán contar con un docente asesor para poder hacer la presentación. El docente puede presentar con el estudiante o hacernos llegar una certificación firmada donde certifique que hará el acompañamiento durante todo el proceso de envío de la propuesta y preparación para la ponencia con el fin de asegurar la calidad de las presentaciones.

Política de cancelación y devolución de dinero

Consulte  aquí la política de cancelaciones y devoluciones

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