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Please use initial capital letter.
PRESENTER 1: (Max. 2 presenters per presentation. ) Please use Initial Capital letter
Capitalize all major words and all words of four letters.
PRESENTER 2: (Max. 2 presenters per presentation. Additional presenters must pay both registration to the conference and affiliation to ASOCOPI)
• capitalize the initials of all major words, including words of four letters. • not have a colon or quotation marks • accurately reflect the presentation content
(Max. 100 words) As the abstract will appear in the Conference Booklet we would be grateful if you keep within the 100 word-limit. You can be more specific about your presentation in the description.
(500- 550 words)Introduction. The description is one of the requirements to be evaluated. It should include such aspects as a background or introduction, the stages of the presentation and a general overview of the references and/or theoretical framework taken into account.
(max. 50 words)
(max. 50 words)
• Research report (35 minutes): Sessions in which presenters report on partial or final results of research studies. Leave some minutes for questions and discussion. • Pedagogical experience (45 minutes): Sessions in which presenters share pedagogical applications of theories or language teaching approaches. • Lecture (35 minutes): Sessions in which presenters focus on state-of-the-art of any of the event themes, theoretical reflections, or critical appraisal of theories or language teaching methodologies or approaches. • Publisher/commercial (45 minutes): Sessions in which presenters introduce pedagogical materials, tests, language teaching approaches, work or study abroad opportunities, or offer any other type of service related to language teaching and learning. • Workshop (45 minutes): Sessions in which presenters demonstrate and provide practical elements for language teaching and evaluation. Although the presentation of a solid theoretical background is expected, most of the session should be devoted to interaction, participation and practice. Presenters are expected to provide hand-outs to the audience.