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We need people like you to help us.    


Due to the pandemic, we have moved the ASOCOPI Conference to an online modality. Our objective in these challenging times is to continue cultivating, supporting and contributing to our teachers’ efforts in providing humanizing, critical, and quality English language education. However, as a non-profit organization, the current situation endangers the financial sustainability of ASOCOPI. This is the reason we are reaching out to you as the closest allies of the Association. Today more than ever, ASOCOPI needs the joined action of all its friends. These are some different lines of action you could help us with during these difficult times:  

Make your donations

Your donation today will help us continue to build our Association. Together, we are powerful. 

Donate your time 

Volunteers are a crucial part of our organization. Working as one team, we combine skills and experiences to create positive change. Offer your skills and experience to help enhanced our Association cause. Send us an email to asocopi@gmail.com if you are interested.

Ready to Donate?

Please, click on the Donate button and make a safe donation. Write  in " Descripción"   Donación.

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