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Call for Papers 2020

10 de Julio de 2017 al 11 de Julio de 2017

  We are pleased to announce the 55th online Annual conference to be held  from October 8 to 10th, 2020  Submitting Your Proposal      Proposals must be submitted online by June30th.   Proposals will not be accepted after the deadline.  www.asocopi.org     ...

HOW Journal - VOL 27 - No. 1 - January/June 2020

15 de Mayo de 2017 al 16 de Mayo de 2017

Contents  Research Reports Linguistic Colonialism in the English Language Textbooks of Multinational Publishing Houses   Jairo Eduardo Soto-Molina, Pilar Méndez    Authentic Materials and Tasks as Mediators to Develop EFL Students’ Intercultural Competence   Alix Norely Bernal Pinzón   Debates about Educational Issues: A Pedagogical Strategy to Explore Argumentative Skills in the EFL Classroom   Ángela Vanesa Duarte Infante, Sandra Milena Fonseca Velandia, Bertha Ramos Holguín  ...

Our affiliate Magda Rodríguez coauthored a book

31 de Marzo de 2017 al 01 de Abril de 2017

Eventos narrativos, comunidades y arquitecturas de práctica docente Our ASOCOPI affiliates Magda Rodríguez-Uribe, Pedro Chala-Bejarano and Harold Castañeda-Peña coauthored the book  Eventos narrativos, comunidades y arquitecturas de práctica docente. This is a research book explores linguistic, cognitive, emotional and socio-cultural aspects of English & French pre-service teachers during their teaching practicum. "Un aspecto debe destacarse de este libro, es que construye espacios epistÃ...


31 de Marzo de 2017 al 01 de Abril de 2017


Be ready for our 55th ASOCOPI Online Conference

31 de Marzo de 2017 al 01 de Abril de 2017

1 Our 55th Online Conference  is coming soon... Building Communities in English Language Teaching: Sharing classroom experiences is this year's congress theme!Deadline for paper submissions: June 30th, 2020 Acceptance notification: July 30, 2020 Submit your paper or colloquia proposal! You've got to be there! ...
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